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Programs & Degrees

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Northern’s Diesel Technology program is nationally recognized. If diesel is your passion, look no further because Northern is the right school for you!

  • Enter the workforce trained on the newest electronics and equipment
  • Learn theories, principles and systems that can be applied across brand names (i.e. Caterpillar, John Deere, Case-IH, Cummins, Komat’su)
  • Specializations allow you to tailor the degree to meet your goals
  • Cooperative education allows you to apply your education while earning both money and college credit


We come to Northern from Great Falls, and it's 110 miles up there. And we come because of the students. It gives us people. It gives us trained, skilled people.

The diesel program gives our industry its lifeblood. Without these trained, competent people coming and able to repair machines and sell our products, we wouldn't be in existence. We can't survive without the Northern program.

There is a lot of diversity in terms of what we get to learn here. We learn about the whole-- from top to bottom, from front to back, of a chassis, of an engine, transmissions. And then, with the bachelors having to learn humanities, and writing, and math, and all these other great classes that make, you know, students more well-rounded.

What I'm told is that some of these students get hired right now. They come out of here anywhere from 40,000 to 60,000 their first year. And the one I'm thinking of now, he graduated actually with a diesel major and a business minor. And last I knew, he was making well into the six figures. And not only that, he was traveling all over the world.

I personally have always believed that any type of education is an investment. In almost every situation, what you've invested in is going to come back and pay dividends downstream. And in the case of MSU Northern and the programs that we have here, we have a 100% placement. We place students all over the country and in many major companies. And the payback from having the degree or the experience at Northern has been significant.