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Programs & Degrees

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Programs & Degrees

Diesel Technology, Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Northern’s two-year Diesel Technology program has been carefully designed to help you develop the skills employers need.

  • Be mentored by faculty who work closely with industry leaders
  • Gain a career-establishing education
  • Experience personal growth through collaboration and teamwork in the classroom


The Associates of Applied Science is an introductory program. It's to take somebody that has very little knowledge about our industry, which is the diesel industry, and give them the basic building blocks to become a better technician in the field that teaches them hydraulics, welding, engines, electrical, and some people skills. In a lot of industry, you'll get machine specific, like when you go to John Deere, You're going to get John Deere specific type training. This will make it to where you can work on a John Deere, Caterpillar, Mac, Kenworth, Paccar, everything.

The benefit of using or of getting AAS, or the Associate of Applied Science, when you get into the playing field with employers and stuff, you're going to have the technical skills. You're going to have some of the people skills. You're going to be a lot better off to be a better employee. You're going to be more efficient than somebody that just walks in right off the street that doesn't have a degree.

If you come here, and you get a two year degree, or an Associate's of Applied Science degree in Diesel Technology, it is the building block you need to be a successful technician or mechanic out in the field.