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Programs & Degrees

Diesel Technology, Bachelor of Science (BS)

Northern’s bachelor degree in Diesel Technology will fully equip you for success in your career. Our graduates are in high demand, and many receive multiple job offers prior to graduation.

  • Learn in an environment that fosters excellence
  • Transfer easily from one of our partner 2-year schools in the United States and Canada
  • Develop critical skills that are in demand in today’s industry
  • Be equipped to enter a variety of diesel applications, including power generation, forestry, extractive, locomotive, agriculture, or marine


Getting a broad field degree in diesel technology or a bachelor's of science degree in diesel technology-- that sets them up for a higher area of pay.

They're electronics technicians in addition to diesel technicians in addition to a manager, because they're dealing with very expensive things. They benefit because they've got that ability to go into a vast variety of areas.

Construction, transportation, railroad industry, which would be part of the transportation, marine industry, the power generation industries. Agriculture is another one of those large industries.

As a result nationally, we've gotten some really good recognitions in big companies that seek us out, and a bunch of their higher level folks in the United States are now from our program.

The cooperative education program, which is the one we use, is truly a partnership between the employers, the student, and the diesel program. That partnership will be an extension of their education actually out in the world of work with that employer. That employer will pay that student a good wage.

It's a chance for you to test drive the company, and a chance for the company to test drive you. We're training you to go out into the industry and be that five or six steps ahead of the next guy because you came here. The whole atmosphere of Northern is work smarter and harder. Expect to get your hands dirty.

We're in the middle of it. We're tearing apart engines. We're putting them together.

Don't bring your church clothes. Bring a set of work clothes. That's how we do it here at Northern.