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Programs & Degrees

Diesel Technology, Bachelor of Science (BS) – Field Maintenance Option

Northern’s bachelor degree can be specialized with a field maintenance option that enhances welding and fabrication skills for work in construction or working off-site.

  • Develop vital human relations and customer service skills
  • Earn American Welding Society (AWS) certifications
  • Be equipped to enter a variety of diesel applications, including power generation, forestry, extractive, locomotive, agriculture, or marine

The field maintenance option is one of the options within our Bachelor of Science degree. We take out some of the diesel courses, and we put in some welding courses.

It allows you to go work at a local diesel shop and be on a service truck, gives the option to be out in the field meeting customers, working on their farm equipment, working on their trucks, rather than stuck in the shop, when you're not qualified to go out and weld.

Technicians will be dealing with customers. We will be dealing with the parts people, we'll be dealing with the banker, we'll be dealing with the board of directors, et cetera, et cetera. So human relations is absolutely critical. We do put a lot of emphasis on communication skills. And that's what our employers are coming to look for.

So students that come out of the field maintenance program will actually be certified or qualified in the national AWS process. They will actually have a piece of paper saying that they are qualified to weld a certain plate thickness and with a certain process. This sets them up because it looks really great on a job application that they can pass this test. It's nationally recognized, and employers will understand what it means and that they understand how to do certain welding processes.