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Programs & Degrees

Diesel Technology, Bachelor of Science (BS) – Equipment Management Option

Northern students pursuing the equipment management option are trained to work not just in the field, but to make the vertical climb into management positions.

  • Focus on business and accounting skills
  • Develop a well-rounded skill set, including communication and human relations
  • Be equipped to enter a variety of diesel applications, including power generation, forestry, extractive, locomotive, agriculture, or marine


Employment opportunities are huge for the students who graduate in the diesel degree with the equipment management option.

The equipment management option was a request by industry, and it really is a nice mixture of diesel coursework and business coursework with some emphasis on management and quantitative things-- finance.

Speaking with some of the larger employers that come to campus, they let us know that they're looking for those individuals that want to excel further than that and become mid-level or upper-level managers. So the idea of being able to get into that position made me want to actually take on that challenge of increasing that ability.

The equipment management option will lead the students into management positions. They will be the ones who will be calling the shots on replacing equipment. They'll be the one who are calling the shots on who is going to be doing the repairs on those equipment.

So the equipment management option, the classes they will take, the human relations, the cost analysis, the life cycle-- that's where they'll be getting into the management type of positions.