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Industry Involvement

Industry Involvement

Employer Investment

Northern offers a quality education that sets our graduates apart from the rest of the workforce.

“It is imperative that our next generation know what to do to hit the ground running.”

Brion Torgerson, CEO, Torgerson’s LLC

“The students we receive from MSU Northern are second to none. They are, by far, positioned to succeed in the workplace.”

Eric Bechtold, General Manager, RDO Equipment


The reason I support Northern is the caliber of students that Northern is producing. Most of my employees have graduated and gone to school at Northern, and I believe it's the education that sets them apart from other students. And you can see it in the workplace everyday.

We feel the faculty is very dedicated to the students and to business partners such as myself to truly bring students the best and the highest quality education that they can for us as manufacturer dealer representatives.

MSU Northern has been a wonderful partner to work with. Northern students are able to come into my world, into my industry, and relate to the fast-paced changes that happen.

The faculty that they have, the students that they produce, the students that we hire are a step above everybody. It is imperative that our next generation know what to do. They hit the ground running.

We will only grow for the next hundred years because of the students that not only lead our business, but truly are part of the service business that leads the backbone of America. And that goes from precision to technology to the diesel part of it. And we are very proud to partner with MSU Northern, and we look forward to many years to come.